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Cyber Sqaure in Schools
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Cyber Sqaure in Schools
Cyber Square Videos

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Summer Coding Camps

In a unique format, our camp is specifically designed to teach your kids something not taught in schools, while making friends and creating something truly amazing they can be proud of.

Digital Fest Canada Edition!

Cyber Square Canada presenting the successful first edition Digital fest 2022-23 held on 12th March, 2022.

Student Testimonial

We are always happy to learn that our students love cyber square. Cyber Square is honoured to play a role in each child's coding journey. Our mission is to teach each child how to use their knowledge to conquer the world.

One class, all
the benefits

Coding improves Kids problem-solving skills, creativity, mathematical skills, logical thinking, critical thinking and confidence.

By learning to code and doing projects, kids will become the creators of technology rather than just consumers.


Learn Coding Through Story Driven Games !

Projects By Our Brilliant Minds

Coding helps kids to understand the technology around them & to prepare for the future. See the projects done by our brilliant minds using the new technologies.

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